Saturday, 20 October 2007

Hugh Grant - where have I been?

It's no good, I must keep up with society gossip. As it is I nearly missed the furore (or stushie as they say in Scotland) over Hugh Grant. Just when I was discussing the elegance of his swing on Golf Monthly Forum, he was living it up in St. Andrews with a bunch of students half his age which resulted, surprise surprise, in his being 'outed' on Facebook.
Still, while this kind of behaviour might explain why Shuggie (as Principal's Nose likes to call him) doesn't seem to hang on to any of his up-market girl friends for long, I hardly think it's a scandal. And who would blame the students for landing a bit of a coup? I imagine it's the most exciting thing to have happened there since Wills and Kate moved on. Of course in my day it was never like this. The biggest excitement I recall from my student days was the chip shop on South Street burning down. Those were the days!
Anyway, I am indebted to golf girl for bringing this to my attention all the way from New England and directing me to more pics in the Daily Mail.
And where was I when all this was going on? (On the golf course, actually.)


Anonymous said...

To be fair, Hughie boy does hang on to his 'upmarket' (read:snobby) g/fs for a reasonable amount of time - Elizabeth Hurley for 13 years, Jemima Khan for 3. I don't think he's THAT much of a dog, all things considered.

Green Goddess said...

Yeh, point taken- at least on the time-scale. I reserve judgment on his character until such time as I get to know him(lol!)

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