Saturday, 20 October 2007

Trophies, do we need them?

Roll on the club prize-giving evening. I think I'm in line for a moment of glory. I came second in a Stableford earlier in the season and on Thursday afternoon we won our doubles semi-final, which I reckon means we get at least second prize! I shall steel myself for an evening of soggy sausage rolls and public acclaim, accompanied by MOH (my doubles partner and winner of a few prizes of his own).
BUT, yes, there is always a but, I'm not looking forward to bringing home the 'trophies'. In our 'unpretentious' (i.e. unprestigious) club, these are usually shared from year to year amongst the same group of players, i.e. MOH already has quite a collection and I'm already struggling to find house room for them. Take a look below at our 7 tawdry looking 'silver' cups (c.2004), two relatively tasteful plaques (2006) and an assortment of memorabilia brought home from society days, all jostling for space on the bookcase.
I'd be interested to know how other golfers - and club committees - deal with this issue. I suppose in bigger clubs a permanent trophy would be engraved or names added to a roll of honour. Maybe we should go that way. Personally I'd rather have a box of balls or a voucher from the pro shop than add to our current collection!

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