Sunday, 11 November 2007

Filton (Germans and careful drivers welcome)

On Wednesday we had a day out at Filton Golf Club. We've lived or worked close to Filton all our married lives but have never seen the course, never mind played it. In fact I always wondered how they managed to tuck a golf course in between the BAe airfield and the housing estate, but it's there all right and we had a fine autumn day to see it; maybe not the most scenic course in the area, but with some fine views towards what I guess is Henbury.
By some trick of fate I had to tee off first with not only my clubmates looking on but also several of the local greenkeeping staff. Bit of a relief , then, when I got it off straight down the middle (and not many people saw the hash I made of the rest of the hole!) Despite playing steadily I only turned in 29 points, but I cheered up when I discovered they were enough for second place.
Filton has a reputation for being a bit fussy and hit the headlines not so long ago when a rule was found banning Germans. I have to say we saw little of this, although there was a nasty moment when we thought we might be banned for driving around the car-park the wrong way. Otherwise the hospitality (and particularly the steak pie) were more than adequate, though some of the signing could have been better (that includes the car-park).


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