Sunday, 11 November 2007

Golf: writing and playing

The weather is still being kind to golfers at least in this area and I've played more golf in the dry since September than over the summer. Have to say things have been coming good too. On Friday MOH and I won the final of the club doubles matchplay competition. Well, to be honest MOH did most of the work, since I failed to hole some tempting putts and probably contributed to dragging it out until the eighteenth. We were also helped by the fact that one of our opponents was having a bad day on the golf course . Still, a win is a win, especially since MOH and I have managed only second in other comps this year. We decided to play again yesterday to enjoy a round with the pressure off, and I celebrated with an eighty five, my best round by a long chalk!
Meanwhile feel I have been neglecting the world of golf and golf blogs as I'm writing an article for Golf Monthly's Club House Chat feature. (That's as well as writing my new novel - and keeping an eye on my other website). Glad to say my 1100 words are now being polished up and normal service should be resumed soon.
Golf Monthly Forum is also discussing a Society Day or Weekend and we've indicated we're up for it. Can't decide if this will be totally scary or a blast. Hopefully both. If only I could be sure of hitting eighty five again!

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