Thursday, 13 December 2007

Dress code for winter

Twice this week I've forgotten to take my camera out on the course to record the frosty weather, including a disconcerted duck standing on a frozen lake, and other scenes that would grace any Christmas card.
Don't fancy sub-zero golf? As someone said recently on Golf Monthly Forum, there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing, so girls, here is my recipe for winter golf (without going out and spending a fortune).

  • Long vest - silk - from Patra (longer than is strictly necessary but perfect for bridging that sneaky gap between jumper and trousers!)
  • Roll neck sweater - wool & cashmere - from Next (bought many moons ago as a fashion item, now put to much better use).
  • V-neck sweater - Shetland wool, by Cross Creek - extravagant? From a Pro-shop discount rail - good buy!
  • Goose down duvet - oops - gilet - from Landsend, as shown above but in dangerously lurid pink. Might not pass muster with the Solheim Cup ladies, but perfectly adequate, with good deep pockets for balls, tees, and for the other occupational hazard, tissues for a runny nose
  • Woolly hat - from Pringle (Xmas gift from way back, still warmest)
  • Winter golf mitts - Masters - pop them on between shots and never have cold hands again - well worth the hassle.
Thus attired, I have learned to putt positively on frosty greens and shot two very respectable rounds (so far). What's your excuse?

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