Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Turkey (or not) Trot

Like most clubs, ours has just had the annual Turkey Trot (or Trott as for some reason it says on the notice-board). However many T's it should be, the competition was played with three clubs only and followed by a chicken dinner. Owing to damp weather, there were quite a few no shows, and following a mishap in the kitchen, the chicken was commuted to ham, egg and chips. Despite these minor problems, all that the prizes were awarded, though sadly our house will be paying for its own turkey this year. I am absolved from all responsibility, being safely tucked up in the day job (yes I do have one) at the time.
Meanwhile, the bad weather has sent me on a bit of a blog tour and I was cheered by Golf in London's picture of crazy golf in Florida, which you can see for yourself if you visit Neil Martin's photostream on Fickr. We have done crazy golf in Florida, but it was some years before we discvoered the 'real thing'. Right now, who needs reality? A course comprising pink rocks and waterfalls woud suit me fine, especailly if bathed in warm sunshine.

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