Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Whatever happened to spiked wellies?

Her we go again: mud, mud and more mud. We sneaked in a round last Friday at Henllys Hall, Anglesey, and even then things were pretty boggy. With another few days of torrential rain I don't see what there is to look forward to in the immediate future apart from course closures, or, at best, trolley bans and aching shoulders. And I still haven't worked out how best to dress in muddy conditions, the choices being:
(a) get on the wet gear and let the mud congeal on it for a few weeks
(b) tuck my trousers into my socks and hang the style statement
(c) invest in plus fours.
MOH says if I go for (c) I'll be playing alone, so looks like it's back to washing muddy trousers.
One thing that has me flummoxed is why it's well nigh impossible to get those winter golf boots that are designed for mud. My local shop claims Adidas Mudskippers are no longer available, and a bit of phoning around reveals that spiked wellies are no longer being manufactured, much to the despair of the pro at Aldersley Green who used to sell them. I could understand that last January all these boots and shoes shoes were sold out, but since there's obviously a market, isn't someone missing a trick here? Meanwhile I have persuaded the shop to get hold of some Hi-Tech boots, so fingers crossed for dry ankles, sooner or later.

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