Monday, 17 December 2007

A Happy Christmas to all golfers (please!)

Not sure how much blogging I'll be doing between now and the New Year which we're spending at Chepstow St. Pierre (gala dinner followed by golf on the old course)which I hope will be as good as last year.
But as I celebrate my first Christmas on the blog, I thought it might do golfers a service to list all these things we really don't want to find in the Christmas stocking, but which it seems like we usually do (not just my own ideas but gleaned from other bloggers and golf afficionados!)

The wrong golf balls
Silly headcovers
Uselss gadgets (anything that works, we probably already have)
The wrong tees
Any clothes that can't be changed
Bargain clubs (unless tried and tested)

Yes, golfers are fussy, and what pleases one will rub another up the wrong way, so if in doubt, do your homework!


A green and pleasant Christmas to all my readers.
Have fun, play golf (and try to smile when any of the above come your way!)
And finally, if you get really fed up, take a look at the Ross-on-Wye Christmas Eve Golf video, Part Two.
I censored Part One in case there are any ladies out there with a delicate constitution, but I'm looking forward to the 2007 episode!

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charles edwards said...

I agree how many times do the good intentioned buy cheap golf balls or silly useless head covers for the clubs a couple of months back I was at Polaris World and to my horror I opened my bag to find my partner had removed my club covers and replaced them with her wonderful choice. They should ask first just to make sure they are buying something a golfer wants.

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