Sunday, 30 December 2007

Time Out

No apologies for neglecting the blog over the last week. A holiday is a holiday after all, and as soon as that choir boy piped up in Cambridge on Christmas Eve, I decided it was time to down tools for a few days. If you have missed your blog fix since then, here are a few snippets from over the water, where they are much too industrious to have more than a day off and where glamoruos Golf Girl is still on the hunt for new clothes while Golf Blogger has found the silliest golf gift ever (and possibly the least tasteful!)
Most interesting (and encouraging?) post of the season is a report on the Golf Blog on the Wendy's Three Tour Challenge between an LPGA team and teams from the PGA and Seniors Tour - won by the women, I'm pleased to say!
Meanwhile I have ventured out on the course, so I'm relieved to discover that golf is a more serious addiction than blogging, and have got in some reasonable if not outstanding rounds in increasingly muddy conditions. I have also popped in to the Golf Monthly Forum once or twice which had the shortest of rest periods - barely long enough to get those presents opened and eat a turkey dinner - though I'm pleased to report that some members (you know who you are?) are conspicuous by their absence - a healthy sign, I should say.

Next we're off to Chepstow for our New Year round at St. Pierre. Here's a picture of last year's festivities. Does my bum loook big? Do I care?
Happy New Year!

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