Sunday, 3 February 2008

Blood and Sand

Some high jinks from Ian Poulter and the possibility of Tiger not winning has at last got me interested in the Dubai Desert Classic. I was glad to see Ian setting the record straight on his apparently misquoted remarks, though I don't think that a bit of self-belief is so much of a bad thing. Since then Tiger has dropped out of the lead with Els starting today at the top of the leader-board. Will he make it? Not being blessed with Sky I'll have to wait for the match reports. I think a lot of people would like Ernie to win but suspect fewer really believe he can do it. I myself wonder if some of the hunger has gone. At least from a distnace it looks like he has it all - happy home life, charitable interests, multi-million pound business, not to mention a sunny temperament. How much does winning matter? And this clearly begs the question - what keeps Tiger going?
Whoever wins I think it's not going to be Tiger, i.e. another shock-horror situation, a bit like the Australian Open Tennis where Federer failed in the semis. I'm ashamed to say that I had to go out checking blogs to find out who the winner was. I hope Dubai is remembered for its winner, not just as the time that Tiger failed.

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