Sunday, 3 February 2008

Give me sunshine

This prayer was answered last weekend when we decided at the last minute to join friends who had booked in at the gorgeous Carlyon Bay Hotel near St. Austell. The course (and a fine birdie!) is commemorated on my old golf blog but this year the weather proved, by comparison, blissfully fair and the course in excellent condition. At this time of year the joy of springy turf underfoot is hard to beat and I did play rather better golf than a year ago, twice managing a 6 on that evil uphill 13th - good enough for me.
One small complaint on Sunday when we were on winter greens for three or four holes. Obviously this can't be avoided from time to time, but on this occasion there was no warning and the so-called temporaries were completely undistinguishable from fairway. In fact we failed to even find the seventeenth green and were forced to abandon the hole! Still, I don't think that will be our abiding memory of such a lovely weekend.

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