Monday, 18 February 2008

February Bookshelf

MOH has just invested in Private Lessons, a collection of tips from Golf Magazine. I don't know the (U.S.) magazine but really love the presentation of this book. Each 'lesson' is a double-page spread with just the right balance of text and illustrations to make things crystal clear. The drawings, which give the book its distinctive look are all by Barry Ross, and I'm happy to say that almost 50% of them are of women golfers. (How refreshing!)
The only minor grumble is that the arrangement is a bit odd, with some topics covered in more than one section, but the contents and index make everything pretty easy to find.
Now the crucial question, is it any good? Well it looks like it should be, and if my golf has taken a distinct downturn of late, that's probably to be expected. Or, as someone quipped when MOH had a bad round, 'Have you been having lessons?'
Moral of the story: things get worse before they get better.

Talking of morals and stories (neat segue?), Tom Cox has found a golfing bonkbuster called Private Members which had got under my radar. It's about a golf club where, to quote Amazon, 'only the over-sexed, the over-rich and the over-beautiful need apply.'
I have to agree with Tom that this doesn't sound like any golf club I've ever seen. Clearly the book is the most arrant nonsense appealing only to sex-starved escapist fantasists. On the other hand there are reviewers who think it's a lot of fun. Maybe I'm just writing for the wrong market?
Review of Private Members pending - (if I dare.)

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