Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Golf Gadgets: Swingyde

Another week, another golf gizmo, this time the Swingyde which 'reduces incorrect wrist cocking and encourages correct radial deviation of the wrist.' Caught MOH havng a go with it in the garden and realised I really had forgotten about my propensity to roll my wrist over on the back swing. Attempting to correct this on the course certainly didn't result in a particularly good round, but I could feel the difference in my swing and think it might be worth a bit more practice.
In fact the Swing Factory (possibly the most detailed treatment of the takeaway and backswing you can find anywhere) is equally emphatic on this element of the backswing. I studied this two years ago, but recently have been concentrating on shoulder turn, so that the whole wrist thing had gone out of my mind. By the way, if the above description means nothing to you, try, 'identifies the correct hand and wrist position to achieve a square club face at impact'.
It does seem to help achieve bringing the club down in the right plane and also combats any tendency to overswing (not that I've ever had that probem!)
What exacty is it? In brief, a plastic thing you attach to the club, a bit pricey at £19, but if you're interested, shop around! I would think it's better value than the Swingsetter (£50+?) which didn't do much for me.

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