Sunday, 2 March 2008

New baby!

Quite a flurry of excitement this week as I got 2 new clubs. After much searching MOH had at last found me a five wood to match my Mizuno MP001 set. At almost the self-same moment I was offered a new 3 wood by the good people at Golf Monthly where my article on ladies' golf has just appeared, and I was too greedy to refuse. This one (pictured) is a Taylormade R7 CGB max (so many letters!) and as you can see looks very tasty. It feels nothing like my existing fairway woods, and I think I'm missing a bit of flex in the shaft, but it does feel good on the strike. Haven't quite decided which will stay in my bag, the old Mizuno (on which a friend already has designs) or the new Taylormade. I'm happy to report that both my new babies have blue as the main colour and blue headcovers, so neither looks out of place. (I've discovered this isn't just a girl thing, men also like matching kit!)
The main problem is that all this trying out of woods is doing nothing for my plan to improve my iron play!

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