Friday, 7 March 2008

Winter golf - the reality

Had a disappointment this week at St. Pierre Chepstow where we arrived to find one hole closed and several others shortened while a load of reconstruction is being done - all of which is great for the club members but a bit of a downer for visitors like us. I though they might have offered a discount on green fees, but I suppose winter rates are already cheaper than summer, on the basis that at any time in the off season (is there an off season in golf?) you 'takes your chance'. As it was they did throw in a course guide (which they will no doubt be throwing out come the summer when the changes come into effect!)
For me the biggest irritation was the reek of burned stubble on the front nine, not helped by my completely flunking the second despite an almost perfect drive - the smell if not the taste of defeat! After that things did get better for me and there was a certain interest in watching the new turf being rolled over remodelled bunkers. I particularly enjoyed the half-forgotten experience of teeing off on grass instead of the dreaded mats, not to mention parring the eighteenth - nothing like a good finish to round off the day.

All in all a pleasant day despite the disruption. It would be good to see how the course looks in sixth months time. A discount off our next visit would definitely have kept me sweet!

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