Wednesday, 14 October 2009

New concept in electric golf trolley purchasing and maintenance

The Masters Golf Company is little known by many golfers, yet it is the most purchased brand in Europe. Their product range covers a whole host of items: bags, trolleys, tees, and accessories that are essential to the game but are not brand sensitive.

Their philosophy is simple - excellent product quality and outstanding value, to make golfers’ money go further. This is achieved by not sponsoring expensive players on the tour, enabling them to offer you lower prices – leaving change in your pocket that could be better spent with your local pro, getting some valuable advice on how to improve your swing!

Masters have built their enviable reputation with Golf Pros by offering great customer service. Now they are offering a similar service to golfers with their electric trolley programme. Not only does it give you the option to spec your own electric trolley but it also provides direct services second to none.

Not all golfers are the same
What Masters has recognised is that not all golfers and courses are the same, so what’s right for one golfer may not be right for another. Take courses for example, some are flat meadowland while others are really hilly and that’s going to affect your battery requirements. A 17 amp/hr battery is fine on a course where the topography is not to demanding, while a 24 amp/hr battery would be better suited to hillier conditions. And a 36 amp/hr would be best for those wanting to play 36 holes in a day.

The batteries are a bit special too and come with a carry bag, two phase charger and Torberry connector which help insure they are connected correctly. They are guaranteed to be less than a month old and are in peak condition. This is unlike many other brands that may have spent weeks on the water coming from the Far East and then be held even longer in a shop. How is this done? Well the batteries are made in Wales.

So their answer is to offer you the Masters Evo RS as a basic frame, wheels and controls, without battery, for £149.99 which enables you to choose the right battery for you and still have enough cash to add on some accessories that are going to make your round even more enjoyable. Choose from GPS/phone or umbrella holders, transit bags, to mention but a few. Once ordered your own trolley spec will be delivered direct from Masters warehouse on the next working day – need we say more.

Direct warranty and service programme
But if that's not enough they are also giving you a much needed choice of warranty and service programme as you order. Now you may be wondering why service is important. Well trolleys get a very hard life running long distances, often in heavy rough and regularly soaked in large puddles or heavy rain. This means that all brands are subject to failures. These can mount up to 9% in the first year - more as time goes by. So getting a guaranteed speedy service is critical.

The basic level of cover included in the above pricing, requires you to return the product to Masters who will repair and return it to you within 5 working days. You will need to package it, so it’s best to keep your original boxing, although you can buy a transit box! But wait for it; they have a Platinum 12 and 24 month upgrade too. Both include free pick up from your home or office, completed repair and a comprehensive clean. Additionally you are entitled to an annual service, which needs to be taken in months 11 or 12 from the date of purchase.

Experience shows that getting true value for money from your electric golf trolley is all about a quality product with quality back up. Ensure you check out both before you make your purchase!

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