Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Choosing a golf club to join (1)

What do you look for in a golf club? A lot will depend on your level of play and your experience. But for those who have gripes about their current club, or for ‘nomads’ thinking the need a golfing home, the winter months are a good time to research the possibilities. Two years ago, with five or six years golfing experience behind me and a handicap that was approaching something respectable, I was in this position and thought it would be easy. All I needed  was

  • a well-kept course in pleasant surroundings
  •  decent clubhouse facilities
  • and subs that wouldn’t break the bank

Too bleak in winter?
Being on my own, I was also looking for somewhere with a welcoming atmosphere where I would soon feel at home and be playing lots of golf.  But if courses and prices were easy to investigate, how could I find a club where I knew I would fit in, especially as I’m one of that great golfing minority –  women!

At least living near a major conurbation, I am lucky to have a good half-dozen courses within easy reach, all with ladies sections, but of these half were quickly dismissed (too expensive, too busy, too bleak in winter months) which left me with three.

Of these, the first two (let’s call them A and B) were well-respected member clubs with nice courses and reasonable subs. The third (C) was privately owned, more expensive, and due to ongoing refurbishment, had its clubhouse in “temporary accommodation”, but it did boast 36 rather nice holes, some with spectacular views, and so I kept it on my list, albeit on the back burner.
On the back burner

Which came out on top? That would be telling. Check back soon for the rest of my golfing odyssey!

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