Friday, 6 January 2012

Weekend Tip: 10 Tips on How to Play Better Golf in the Cold

It’s a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining and it’s 5 degrees. Still nice enough to play golf and have a good time, but I am thinking to myself how can I prepare better for my game, especially as it gets colder through January. So after a bit of research gleaned from other sources, here are a few tips which I hope will help you maximise your potential out on the course this weekend.

Photo Thanks to Michael Bonhert

1. Get some thermal underwear. Trust me, good thermals will keep you toasty in a variety of cold conditions. Galvin Green offer a great range. They fit skin tight and allow you to dress in layers over them.

2. Warm your feet up too. Wear an extra pair of socks, I find thin socks to be better to keep the bulk down.

3. Buy some dry-chemical hand warmers. Put them in your golf bag then before your round, open and shake them, then put one in each pocket. Keep your hands in your pockets between shots when you are playing and open a new pair somewhere in the middles so they don't get numb on the last few holes.

4. Do some stretching while you're still at home. Take a hot shower or ride an exercise bike first to get warm and flexible. Stretching on a cold practice range or at the first tee won't cut it when it's really chilly.

5. Wear a ski cap or good thick hat. Most of your body heat disappears through your head. Keeping your head warm will help you stay warm.

6. Invest in a pair of cart gloves. I prefer cart gloves to winter golf gloves, because you can continue to wear your normal gloves and just wip them off to hit your shots.

7. Keep walking instead of riding round the course. This will help keep the blood flowing so you stay warm. If you have to ride, perhaps bring an extra coat--even an overcoat--and put it over you when you're in the cart.

8. Alternate golf balls on each hole. Keep the ball you're not playing in your pocket against your hand warmer so it stays warm. It's even worth keeping the balls you are going to play with inside the house overnight so they don't get cold sitting in your car or garage.

9. Remember to take more club. The colder air temperatures will reduce the length of your shots by at least 10 percent. It's better to be a little long than a little short for most approaches.

10. Finally, save the booze until after your round. Drinking a shot or two of brandy might make you feel warmer but that's only an illusion. It might cause you to think you're playing better, too. Well maybe that might not be too bad!


Green Goddess said...

Excellent advice, especially on the alcohol front! I know someone who finds a tot of brandy calms the nerves, especially on a cold day, but if I've even sniffed a drink my golf goes totally to pot.

Anonymous said...

Here's some advice on winter golf, we get it pretty cold in Scotland

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