Sunday, 16 September 2007

Solheim stays in USA

Feel pretty miffed at not having Sky this weekend to follow at least some of the Solheim Cup, though it looks as if my personal support wouldn't have been enough to make any difference in the last day's singles matches. Going in with a small lead, the Europeans, with the honourable exception of Catriona Matthew, failed to make any further gains and the final score is 16-12 to USA who must be mighty pleased, especially with such a young side. The commentator who was under fire yesterday for criticising the US team for choking will doubtless enjoy eating her words, or maybe she can take credit for spurring her team on to better things!

Funny how we have the edge in the Ryder Cup but struggle in the Walker and Solheim. Can't think why that should be, unless the weakness is with the US tour Professionals. The amateurs and ladies seem perfectly comfortable in the team situation.

And finally, I have completed my purchase of new kit with a Powakaddy Twinline 3 trolley, a more compact version of the Twinline 1. I tried it out today with my smart new bag and was very satisfied. It's a manual trolley but for pushing rather than pulling.The trolley felt well-balanced and I found the hills less tiring. Best of all, the bag didn't move and inch. It's pretty easy to put up and down, but I have one small quibble over the trolley design; the footbrake prevents the trolley folding completely flat. For now we've disabled the brake and I'm parking carefully! Will certainly keep it well away from this lake, where a pair of swans decided to act as tee markers last week.

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