Friday, 26 October 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday, that was, when on a dull and chilly afternoon, MOH and I took to the course rather later than usual and played a round of nice uncomplicated golf. Maybe it was being back on home turf (after Bryn Meadows) or maybe I was just due for some luck, but despite a poor start (first drive into the ditch requiring penalty drop) I started to get a good feeling about my game. This was confirmed by a birdie on the 9th and an unexpected chip in for par on the 12th. To cut a long story short, despite two more drops from a lake, I still shot my best round ever.
How did this happen? Well apart from the requisite amount of good fortune, I'd say it was due to some uncharacteristically good putting. Which just goes to show, it can be done. Anyway, great to get a good round in before winter sets in.

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